Twin Belt Alternator Pulley for 12A & 13B

Twin Belt Alternator Pulley for 12A & 13B

  • $ 55.00 NZD

Aluminium double belt alternator pulley to suit early 12A and 13B rotaries through to series 5 RX-7 (vehicles with 15 mm alternator shaft).

It allows a second v-belt to be added for improved reliability, particularly on high-revving engines.

Two alternator belts of the same size as the original are required. We can supply these belts, please let us know what length you require. These pulleys do not change the drive ratio of the alternator.

Key benefits:

* Eliminates belt slip on the alternator/water pump/cooling fan pulleys
* Shares the load between two belts
* Back-up belt if one belt fails

The parts are such a great price because we are designers, the manufacturers and the seller of the parts - there is no middleman or resellers. You're buying top quality direct from the manufacturer.

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