We take pride in the collection of CNC and manual machinery we have at Franklin Engineering. With all preventative maintenance and repairs taken care of by our in-house team we aim to keep the up-time of our machinery high, ensuring we can complete your orders on-time and to specification.

All of our CNC machines we program using Autodesk Fusion 360 CAM software. This enables us to create efficient and safe CNC programs, even for complex machining tasks.


Doosan Leo 1600 CNC Lathe with LNS Automatic Bar Feeder

Our latest CNC lathe, a fast and easy to setup machine great for short run jobs while also being capable of running lights-out overnight for large production jobs.

Bar capacity Ø 45mm
Max. turning diameter Ø 320mm
Max. turning length 300mm
Max. spindle speed 4000 RPM


Goodway TA-32 CNC Lathe with Hydrafeed Automatic Bar Feeder

A very quick and accurate gang tool style CNC lathe, capable of bar feeding round material up to 32mm diameter or chucking larger parts, particularly for second operation work.

Bar capacity Ø 32mm
Max. turning diameter Ø 275mm
Max. turning length 230mm
Max. spindle speed 3500 RPM

Takisawa TC-2 CNC Lathe with Bar Feeder

An old workhorse of our workshop, the Takisawa TC-2 is an incredibly simple and capable CNC lathe.

Sometimes just what you need for making short to medium runs of parts.

Bar capacity Ø 40mm
Max. turning diameter Ø 260mm
Max. turning length 370mm
Max. spindle speed 3200 RPM


Leadwell MCV-0 CNC Machining Centre with 4th Axis

A capable CNC maching centre, we use manufacture the majority of our own products.

We use multi-station vices in this machine to machine high volume runs efficiently, and have also built our own rotary 4th axis attachment to allow multi sided machining.

Spindle Taper BT-40
X Travel 450mm
Y Travel 350mm
Z Travel 350mm
Max. Spindle Speed 6000 RPM


Fanuc Model-T Drill Tap Centre

A very fast, light duty CNC machining centre, we often use for second operation work to ease the workload on our larger machines. 

Spindle Taper BT-30
X Travel 500mm
Y Travel 380mm
Z Travel 300mm
Max. Spindle Speed 6000 RPM


Mitsui Seiki HR-5B Horizontal CNC Machining Centre, with Pallet Changer & 5th Axis

A large and heavy duty horizontal machining centre. It is an older machine but has been retrofit with a modern control system for ease of use and efficiency.

The pallet changer enables our operators to setup multiple parts while the machine is operating, minimising down time between cycles. The addition of a rotary 5th axis allows 5 sided machining of components, often eliminating the need for additional operations.

Spindle Taper BT-50
X Travel 850mm
Y Travel 700mm
Z Travel 750mm
Max. Spindle Speed 4000 RPM


Everising HA-260HB CNC Bandsaw

A large and heavy duty automatic bandsaw responsible for billeting all material required for our CNC machines. The machine will self feed and cut to length the exact number of billets programmed. It is also capable of bundle-cutting for jobs where large volumes of billets are required.

Max. Cutting Width 300mm
Max. Cutting Height 260mm